5 most famous cyber attacks in history

CyberSecurity News compiles 5 of the most popular hacking cases that will go down in history.

Cybersecurity is the order of the day in many companies and in society in general. There is growing concern about the direct and indirect consequences that such an attack can have. 

That’s why today we put on the table 5 of the most famous cyber attacks in history.

  1. PS Networks: The year 2011 saw the biggest cyber attack in the video game industry. More than 77 million users were affected, compromising names, emails, addresses, cards…
  2. Megaupload: The file sharing portal was closed in 2012. Anonymous came out in support and carried out a massive cyber attack that affected The White House, Universal Music…etc. 
  3. iCloud: This case took place in 2014 and involved 500 photos of different celebrities who in many cases appeared naked. It is believed that cyber criminals violated iCloud’s security to obtain the images. 
  4. Ebay: The e-commerce giant acknowledged that in 2014 it was hacked and the information of up to 145 million users was compromised. 
  5. Chrysler: In 2015, two U.S. cybercriminals forced the car company to check up to 1.4 million vehicles after it was proven that they could access and control different car functionalities. 

As we can see, these great cyber-attacks have been very popular in recent history because they have affected large companies, institutions or famous people. But they have not been the only ones. 

Other recent data breaches for history

History helps to avoid making the mistakes of the past. This also applies to the cybersecurity sector, although we must bear in mind that it is a sector in continuous technological change. We therefore take a look at other major cyber-attacks or data breaches that have occurred recently and which have affected public figures or large companies. 

  1. Yves Rocher: 2.5 million customers of the cosmetics giant were affected in a major data gap caused in a technology partner last year 2019. Names, phone numbers, addresses…entire customer databases were available to potential cyber-crooks in this data gap which, as we say, was discovered in 2019.
  2. Hollywood: This same year 2020 it became known that a group of cyber-criminals had accessed the computers of lawyer Allen Grubman, one of the most prestigious lawyers in Hollywood. The information stolen would contain personal details of public figures such as Madonna, Lady Gaga or Robert de Niro. The cyber-criminals blackmailed the firm and asked for a sum of money in exchange for not publishing the information.
  3. Nintendo: That same summer we knew that more than 300,000 Nintendo users were affected by a data gap that, according to the Japanese company, did not come from their firm. Cyber-crooks were able to access the accounts of all these users and make purchases in many cases. 

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